The Great Celebration

With a nod to the Napoleonic tradition of opening champagne with a sword, we present a spectacular Champagne Sabre
and everything needed for the classic Kir Royale Cocktail.
Robb Vices January 2017 Monthly Subscription Box
Sometimes in reflection of a year of family, friendship, faith, joy, heartbreak and conquests (victorious and failed) … a moment calls for decapitating a bottle of champagne. This edition of Robb Vices before you is presented for that moment.

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What’s inside the box:

Misfit Fitness and Sleep Monitor Gift

Georg Jensen Indulgence Champagne Sabre

We feel this to be the most beautiful sabre on the market anywhere today. You might mistake it for sterling silver, but it’s actually made of highly mirror-polished stainless steel, done by hand to ensure a precious surface. There are only a few artisans capable of doing this in the world today and the team at Georg Jensen sought them out specifically to recreate these modern — very Danish — sabres.

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Champagne Sabre

Nomader Sports Bottle Gift

Robb Vices Reserve Sparkling Wine

We are thrilled to present you with another “first”: Robb Vices Reserve Sparkling Wine. It was made from some of the finest Chardonnay grapes in the world, sourced in Southern France. Exclusively created for our members, this bubbly is crisp and biscuity and provides a perfect base for a sparkling cocktail.

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Sparkling Wine

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins Gift

Crème de Cassis de Dijon

Creme di Cassis is the storied liqueur composed of ripe blackcurrant berries. Maison di Boudier has produced this Creme di Cassis di Dijon continuously since 1874 and in doing so deliver on the promise of "pure fruit from start to finish". In this collection it performs at the defining touch to create the classic Kir Royale cocktail. We suggest taking it further as the basis for a syrup that can be added to poached pears and hot strawberries.

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Crème de Cassis
de Dijon


The Great Celebration

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