The Art of Being a Gentleman

For June 2017 , we set out to honor the gentlemen in our lives, and to celebrate the art of what it means to truly be a one.
Robb Vices June 2017 Monthly Subscription Box
A gentleman puts thoughtful consideration to how his words, actions, and appearance will impact other people. As we continue to be presented with new and ever-evolving opportunities to engage with the world around us, the art of being a gentleman will remain an ever-evolving pursuit.

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What’s inside the box:

Highspire Whiskey A Bold Rye Made with Winemaking Expertise Gift

A Bold Rye Made with
Winemaking Expertise

A standout brand in a fairly new category known as flash aging, and it’s unlike any you’ve tasted before.

Highspire Whiskey Logo

Macari Vinyards Rose

18.21 Bitters Premium Bitters Gift

Premium Bitters

Made using only the freshest ingredients,oils and pure sugars, long cooking methods and infusions combined with Highspire rye, you have everything you need for the best old fashioned you've ever tasted..

18.21 Bitters Logo

Rich Simple Syrup
Barrel Aged Bitters

Sempli Designer Whiskey Glasses Gift

Designer Whiskey Glasses

When you pour and then set your glassware on its daunting angle, it actually aids the oxygenation of the whiskey.

Sempli Logo

Cupa-Rocks Glasses

Q Drinks Spectacular Ginger Beverages Gift

Spectacular Ginger

Featuring real quinine from real trees, fresh ginger, rose oil, and organic agave nectar, etc. as well as a higher level of carbonation compared to other mixers and a thicker bottle to retain that fizz. Mix with the Highspire to prepare an epic Kentucky Mule.

Q Drinks Logo

Ginger Beer
Ginger Ale

Dardimans California Exotic Dried Citrus Crisps Gift

Exotic Dried Citrus Crisps

These are among the healthiest snacks we’ve bestowed upon members, and we heartily recommend adding her crisps to fish, poultry, fresh cheese plates and even sandwiches. In this case they make and excellent garnish for your old fashioned.

Dardimans California Logo

Crispy Mandarin Slices
Crispy Blood Orange

Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels Gift

Goat Milk Caramels

Entered into the SOFI awards, which is like theOscars of Fancy Foods shows and took home a gold medal in 2012 and another in 2016 for culinary excellence and creativity.

Big Picture Farm Logo

Goat Milk Caramels
Sea Salt & Vanilla

Tommy John Premium Men’s Underwear Gift

Premium Men’s Underwear

Every Robb Vices member gets a $50 Tommy John gift card for your next purchase of men’s briefs or anything else you might fancy on their website.

Tommy John Logo

$50 Gift Card

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